Hillgrove is committed to working in partnership with the local communities to achieve sustainable benefits for all, in particular, we want to ensure that they benefit from hosting the mine. Additionally, we are committed to being a responsible member of the local communities in which we operate by:

    • maintaining an economically sustainable and responsible business;
    • open and inclusive stakeholder engagement;
    • contributing to the local, regional, state and national economy;
    • partnering with local stakeholders and communities to enhance community capacity; and
    • contributing to local environmental sustainability

Community Consultation

Hillgrove have consulted with the community since 2005 regarding our activities in the local region and take the position of; we listen, we act. The current forum for consultation is via the Kanmantoo-Callington Community Consultative Committee (KCCCC or K4C). Members of the local community, local business and Hillgrove employees are all welcome to attend the quarterly K4C meetings, details of which are available via the KCCCC web site.

A Master Plan was developed as a joint collaborative project between the K4C and Hillgrove Resources, which demonstrates a leading approach on how to engage with local communities in which we operate. The Master Plan, which can be found via this link, is document that helps inform decisions and guide development for a prosperous future that meets the values and aspirations of the community.

Community Excellence

Best practice approach: Hillgrove and the KCCCC recognised for Community Excellence by the Hon Steven Marshall MP Premier of South Australia.

Best practice approach: Hillgrove and the KCCCC recognised for Community Excellence by the Hon Steven Marshall MP Premier of South Australia.

Keeping it Local!

Hillgrove’s local procurement approach ensure that the majority of the expenditure stays in the region, providing a multiplier effect to the local economy. In addition to the direct economic injection, the mining operation at Kanmantoo has also resulted in vital infrastructure development, including power, water, roads, warehousing, seed cultivation facilities and valuable native vegetation and habitats. Careful planning of infrastructure post mining provides an opportunity to create lasting value in the region long after the last tonne is produced, through agri-business, light industrial activity, recreation and tourism.We are committed to employing locally. Not everyone has the background or experience necessary, therefore, where appropriate, job training for local residents allows them to leverage into future careers at the mine.

Community Support and Sponsorship

Hillgrove proudly sponsors local football Club and cricket clubs, along with supporting the Callington Agricultural and Horticultural Show and Christmas Pageant. We value being approached regarding local events and providing any support we can.

Requests for donations or sponsorship should be made in writing via our contact form or by e-mailing info@hillgroveresources.com.au outlining the opportunity and the benefit to the local community.